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Creating Not-So-Humble Business Cards

Tired of the same old business cards and want something really unique? Looking for a way to stand out without breaking the bank? We have 9 suggestions. 1. SPOT UV. UV is a coating usually applied to one or both sides of printed cover stock giving business cards a slick, glossy feel. You can have […]

Avoiding the Pitfalls of the Square Business Card

Square cut business cards are inexplicably hot right now and yet fraught with problems. Here is how to do them right. Some printing industry trends simply defy logic and square business cards are but one example. With far smaller real estate in an era when people have longer email addresses, and then wanting to add […]

Going Paperless to Save Trees? Think Again.

Banks, credit card companies, utilities – any business that sends us a bill urges us to “go paperless” in order to save trees. Deep down we all suspect that this is more about saving the company postage than it is saving forests, but we choose the option because we think we’re helping the cause to […]

In the World of Printing, Why Cheap is Expensive

Some people seem to be under the misguided belief that when it comes to printing, price is the only consideration. After all, it’s just paper, ink and cutting, right? It may surprise you that our company acknowledges we aren’t the least expensive, but more importantly, we aren’t trying to be. We are a custom print […]

Why Print Matters

In the Internet age, many companies have turned to online advertising as their primary (and sometimes sole) source of marketing. Let’s face it, most companies already have a website, and the cost of sending a promotion to 100 or 1,000 customers is comparable, so putting together an advertisement and shotgunning it to everyone on an […]