You would think with 77,000 items our company offers, it would be impossible to come up with the top five branded promotional items to giveaway to your customers. While there is some industry specific gear that may be more appropriate for your business, these are hands down our favorites and the reasons why we recommend them the most.


1. MOST AFFORDABLE – Inkjoy Retractable Pens. This is the one promotional item we always have on hand because as soon as we start to run low, the sales staff climbs all over me to place a reorder. We give away thousands of these each year. Our customers actually call us and request we drop off more of our pens because they write so well.

Inkjoys come in blue or black ink and have the feel of a gel pen, but without the gel pen cost. There are a number of barrel styles and colors to choose from, but we chose the lime green with a white imprint. With a minimum order 300, it is both affordable and effective.





2. KEPT THE LONGEST – Refrigerator Magnets. The beauty of magnets is that if a customer puts it on their refrigerator, they will keep it for years.

Most of the time, they can be included in a mailing, so they are better than stickers. We highly recommend magnets for businesses that deal with the public on a regular basis and need them to remember their name a year from now, such as handyman services, pool companies, pest control, heating and air conditioning, plumbers and auto repair shops.

Custom die cut shapes are available along with matching vehicle magnets. Business card size magnets have a minimum order of 250 and are very reasonably priced.


3. BEST FOR CLAIMING DESKTOP REAL ESTATE – Leather Coasters.  Want to have your business name on someone’s desk year round? Give them an embossed, leather coaster. Out of all the thousands of samples items I receive every year, this is one promotional item that not only gets used every day, but one that I took with me when I moved offices. This is hands down the favorite item of our customers. Minimum order is 250.



4. MOST USED – Water bottles. So this might be because we live in Arizona and having a bottle of water is a matter of life or death, but water bottles are worthy of your logo simply because so many people carrying them as they go about their day. There are literally thousands of styles to choose from, and they are priced for just about any budget. Minimum quantities of some styles are as low as 50 units. If you’re going to do these, spend some money because you want something durable.


5. MOST WANTED – Power Bank. This is our favorite giveaway and one that your customers will keep and use. We have had customers offer to buy them with our logo imprint on them – they want a power bank that much.

Power banks are small batteries that recharge via your computer and the provided USB cable.

When needed, you simply flip the cable around and recharge your smart phone, tablet or anything else that uses a micro USB connection. The upside is that you can remain mobile with your phone while it recharges. Minimum order on some styles is as low as 100.

© 2015 Shelly Fagan

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