It is pretty surprising that companies that have made a significant investment in an in-house print shop would still use an outside commercial printer to produce their printed matter.

A recent survey conducted by Printing Industries of America of more than 400 managers and marketing executives from across different industrial sectors found that 9 out of 10 companies with in-house print shops rely on commercial printers.

So the question remains, why would a company able to print in-house use a commercial printer?

Not surprising, product quality was cited as the number one reason for using an outside source. It may seem obvious that a commercial printer will have better equipment, but let’s not minimize the impact of a professional press operator has on the final product.

The most talented workers who have invested years into their career are going to be found in a commercial print shop where they can demonstrate their craft on the best equipment. And while the quality of the press is vital, the individual operating it is even more crucial to the end product.

Other considerations cited by survey respondents were volume, cost, color consistency and accuracy – the last two being directly related to the skill of the press operator.

In summary, the reason companies use commercial printers when they have in-house capabilities comes down to the fact that commercial printers outperform in color and quality, as well producing the project on budget and with fewer problems.

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