Square cut business cards are inexplicably hot right now and yet fraught with problems. Here is how to do them right.

Some printing industry trends simply defy logic and square business cards are but one example. With far smaller real estate in an era when people have longer email addresses, and then wanting to add multiple phone numbers, titles and even photos, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense that square business cards are very popular right now. They are seen as both trendsetting and chic despite the inherent design flaw.

The heart wants what the heart wants so who are we to object?

The biggest obstacle to square business cards is that they are not sized the same as regular business cards. At 2.5” they don’t fit neatly with existing stacks of cards people have in their desks or in a business card holder. Because of this lack of uniformity, square cards are more likely to be discarded or kept as an orphan away from their standard sized counterparts. You can’t include calendars or appointment reminders as space is extremely limited.

This is the single biggest reason you must make these cards be so special that people are willing to keep them despite the hassle factor. But how do you do that? We offer three suggestions.

We encourage our customers to make these cards special by using a soft touch finish so that the feels is so enticing, they will want to hold on to it. Soft touch is a velvety coating or laminate that is reminiscent of silk that engages the tactile sense, creating another avenue to remember the information. If just feels good. Even crusty old press operators stop and run their fingers over a soft touch finish. You simply can’t resist it.

Another suggestion we give our customers is foil stamping, lending an expensive looking finish to the product which people have been conditioned to value and will therefore want to keep. Metallic finishes are synonymous with “precious metals” and signify a greater investment in the final product. Gold, silver and copper are excellent choices.

Our third suggestions is to add a head shot to your square cut business card. Now, we know that photos have long been frowned upon for business cards, but adding your image in the era of the selfie makes sense. Because with less information, you will want customers to instantly connect your business card with your image on social media. Think of it as branding yourself.

If you would like to consider square cut business cards, we would be happy to sit down to discuss your project and show you samples of other cards.

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