You’ve decided on giving away tshirts as a promotion for your business or organization, but how do you choose with so many options?

When selecting a blank for silk screening, many people are under the misguided belief that 100% cotton is the way to save money. Bargain cotton shirts are a problem for a number of reasons. While universally rejected for being thick and hot, they also tend to shrink after washing, and not uniformly. These often lose quite a bit in length rather than in width and become boxy and unflattering on everyone. This doesn’t seem to occur with ring spun cotton, or more expensive shirts.

There are many 50/50 blend shirts which are comparable in price to the cotton shirts, and are thinner and softer. If you can spare an extra $1 per shirt, consider going with a moisture wicking performance blend as these are highly coveted and won’t end up being the shirt your customer wears to paint the house. These are the shirts we supply our staff because they are durable, cooler, look nice longer, and resist snagging and stains.

Before choosing a shirt, you should determine three things:

1. Your budget.

2. The largest size you will need. Many brands do not carry shirts above a 3XL and if you want all the shirts to match, you’re going to have trouble. Generally, anything 5XL or above will have to be custom-made. Expect to pay about $15 or more per shirt when you get into extended sizes above a 4XL.

3. The color of your shirt. While popular styles have a wide variety of colors to choose from, any specialty colors, such a coral, purple, or teal, will limit your options.

As a final tip, you can always mix and match colors, styles and sizes – as long as the imprint remains the same. If this is your first order, you may want to try a variety of shirts to determine which one suits your needs.